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ReactionIS are committed to research and development in the information security field. Please feel free to browse and download our advisories and whitepapers.

Wireless Security

This paper discusses the security implications of using the various wireless protocols and includes demonstrations of effective attacks on common wireless setups. The security risks of wireless technologies are presented to the reader and recommendations are made to counter these threats to safeguard networks and data. This paper included information about war driving attacks, WEP and WPA wireless access protocols, weaknesses in WPS (WiFi Protected Setup), rogue access points and evil twin attacks. A VirtualBox Backtrack 5 image and a USB ALFA wireless card were used as a platform for the demonstrations. Download this paper here: Wireless Security.

Defending the Cloud

This whitepaper aims to assess the security implications of moving resources into a cloud computing environment, and suggests recommendations for IT managers who are considering making this switch. The paper focuses on three major changes that occur in the shift from traditional networks into the cloud, namely the virtualisation layer, multi-tenancy and outsourcing. A number of recommendations are made that should be implemented as a supplement to enterprise security practices, including hardening the hypervisor, securing communication between virtual machines, guarding shared storage and memory, and ensuring the provider can cater for your security and compliance requirements. Download this paper here: Defending the Cloud.

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