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Layton Helpbox 4.4.0 Multiple SQL Injection Points by Joseph Sheridan


Layton Technologies Helpbox product version 4.4.0 is vulnerable to multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities.

  • CVE number: CVE-2012-4971
  • Impact: High
  • Vendor homepage:
  • Vendor notified: 10/09/2012
  • Vendor response: This product has been replaced by 'ServiceDesk' but fixes may be available with valid support contracts.
  • Credit: Joseph Sheridan of ReactionIS

Affected Products

Helpbox 4.4.0


The following pages and parameters were found to be vulnerable:

editrequestenduser.asp (reqclass)
editrequestuser.asp (sys_request_id)
enduseractions.asp (sys_request_id)
enduserreopenrequeststatus.asp (sys_request_id, confirm)
enduserrequests.asp (searchsql, back, status)
validateenduserlogin.asp (POST param:sys_userpwd)
validateuserlogin.asp (POST param:sys_userpwd)
editenduseruser.asp (sql)
manageenduserrequestclasses.asp (sql)
resetpwdenduser.asp (sql)
disableloginenduser.asp (sql)
deleteenduseruser.asp (sql)
manageendusers.asp (sql)
statsrequestagereport.asp (POST param:site)


An attacker may be able to take full control of the application database and execute arbitrary operating-system commands.


Layton advise upgrading to their newer 'ServiceDesk' product. However, if you have an active support contract, Layton may be able to provide fixes for you.

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