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Firewall Security Review

Firewalls are the gateway into your networks and data. Ensuring that your firewalls are inpenetrable should be a key part of a robust network security programme.

Firewall Penetration Testing

Firewall penetration testing allows the consultant to attack the firewall from the perspective of a real attacker on the Internet. From zero knowledge, the consultant will attempt to uncover as much information about the firewall as possible and then attempt to exploit any weaknesses or vulnerabilities within the product or its configuration.

Rulebase Security Auditing

Firewall rulebase reviews allow the consultant to analyse traffic flows through the firewall to key network areas and hosts. At worst, a mis-configured firewall could allow unauthorised access into the corporate network. Firewall reviews often uncover unencrypted communications protocols in use, obsolete rules, conflicting rules, inappropriate rules and insufficient rule documentation all of which could lead to unauthorised access.

Reaction assess all types of firewall including Cisco, Juniper and Microsoft ISA/TMG firewall rulebases - often as part of a wider programme of penetration testing services.

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