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Our Clients

ReactionIS are experts in infrastructure and application security testing.

Our Clients

Our clients are spread across government, banking and financial, legal, insurance and technology solutions sectors. However, we welcome new business from all sectors and all organisations, large and small. We don't name our clients online for security reasons but we have included some feedback quotes below.

Banking and Financial

Our consultants have extensive experience working with banking and financial clients including testing online banking applications and trading platforms and annual internal and external penetration testing. We can satisfy the penetration testing requirements of the FSA, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), PCI and others to ensure that compliance with banking and financial standards is met.

"I have worked with Joe (Consultant at ReactionIS) on several occasions and have found him to be one of the highest calibre consultants in his field. Joe has a thorough understanding of IT Security and I would recommend him to anyone. Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity." May 14, 2012

Network Administrator at National Banking Corporation

"I had the pleasure of working with Joe (Consultant at ReactionIS) on a short tactical assignment with a Financial Services client to close some outstanding audit points. I found Joe to be both a clear and diplomatic communicator, showing both technical pragmatism but also great attention to detail when required, which are skills I value in the area of Security Assessment. I look forward to working with Joe again in the future" July 11, 2010

Solutions Architect at FTSE 250 Financial Services Group

Government and Public Sector

As CHECK green light suppliers, much of our work is based in the public sector in all areas from local Councils to core government bodies and governmental suppliers. We can help to satisfy the Code of Connection (CoCo) IT health CHECK requirements and can provide assurance for network and web application development projects.

"As part of our HMG Impact Level 3 security accreditation for hosting XYZ services, we were happy to engage your services during May 2009 (for our first accreditation) as well as February 2010 (for the annual renewal). In both occasions, you diligently carried out the Penetration Testing of the XYZ system, both through internal access to our systems during on-site visits as well as externally over the internet afterwards.

As verified by our IT staff as well as HMG's Accreditors, you demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the security aspects of our project. The findings of your tests were useful as they identified potential security holes/risks and you also provided guidelines for the mitigation of these risks. Hence, we succeeded in attaining the required security level for hosting XYZ services within our premises. In short, your services were valuable to us and we would be in favour of re-engaging your services in the future."

Project Manager at UK Government Technology Supplier

Legal and Insurance

Legal and insurance companies generate a high volume of potentially sensitive client data and often escrow funds on behalf of clients. Without adequate information security measures, this could allow cyber thieves to steal data and divert funds. We work with our clients in this sector to help satisfy the information security requirements of the Solictors Regulatory Authority and the Data Protection Act to ensure that this data is appropriately secured.

Technology Solutions

A mature software development lifecycle of a new application or infrastructure project should include an in-depth, independent penetration test with any identified issues addressed before going 'live' with the project. We are able to identify the security risks and provide details instructions to remedy the issues before exposing the system to the Internet or untrusted users in a production environment.

“We have been working with ReactionIS for a couple of years as preferred supplier for all our penetration testing needs. We’re very pleased with the quality of service and the level of expertise and professionalism they have consistently shown. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Director at Ecommerce Solutions Provider

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